A smooth twice distilled, 8 times charcoal-filtered vodka. Crafted from neutral grape spirit.  Enjoy on ice or with a dash of tonic.

Thymus Gin

Vapour Infused with lemon thyme, ‘Thymus Citriodorus’ and English lavender, it is a beautifully perfumed botanical gin. Perfect with a dry tonic, such as the Capi Dry Tonic, or Fever Tree Indian Tonic.

Fortune Teller Gin

A traditional dry gin based on the cumquat citrus, ‘Fortunella Margarita Nagami’.  Has spicy notes which lends it to a Martini, or add some tonic for a refreshingly simple G&T.  For something a little different, mix in a cocktail shaker with the juice of 1 lemon and basil leaves. Drink as is.

Bramble Gin

Modelled on a sloe gin, crafted with blackberries. Perfect on its own served with ice, with Blood orange, or for a refreshing cocktail, serve garnished with a sprig of Coriander.

Strawberry and Juniper Brandy Liqueur

A brandy based liqueur. Add half a shot (or a full one) to your champagne. Gives a lovely hue. A perfect party drink. Great addition to a trifle.

Apricot and Wattleseed Brandy Liqueur

Great served with Capi sparkling orange, or drizzled over some sugary crepes for a boozy treat.


Styled on the Italian Limoncello, but crafted with cumquats giving it a subtle character. Divine on its own, or for a longer drink, serve with Capi sparkling cranberry, garnished with a sprig of rosemary.  A perfect summer drink.

Spiced Honey and Brandy Liqueur

With 12 spices and 50% honey, this is Christmas in a bottle. Sip over shaved ice, or serve with tonic water.  Great drizzled over vanilla ice-cream, Christmas pudding or a cake such as orange and almond.