Apricot and Brandy Jam with Wattleseed

Taste the fruit and enjoy this with a cheese platter-sensational with a blue cheese or your favourite smelly cheese, a jam ‘nothing like Grandma used to make’. Apricots are complimented with a hint of brandy and the coffee like undertones of wattleseed.

Serving suggestions; scones, toast, cheese platter

Strawberry and Boobialla jam

A strawberry lover’s delight delicately spiced with roasted coriander seed and the ‘native’ juniper berry, boobialla. Delightful served with a Crème Freche or soft cheese

Serving suggestions; scones, toast.

Plum Brandy Sauce

A rich and velvety sauce that has a slight warmth.

Serving suggestions; great addition to your choice of roasted meats. Great accompaniment for the Xmas turkey!

Brandied Apple Chutney

A traditional style of chutney enhanced with local brandy.

Serving suggestions; accompaniment to roast pork, cheese plate condiment.

Bloody Mary Chutney

Tomato chutney with a difference. A gentle kick and a hint of vodka. Lower in sugar than most other tomato chutneys so the tomato can really shine through. Great for those that like oysters.

Serving suggestions; burger condiment, great cold meats, oysters

Honey Mustard and Lemon Myrtle Dressing

A classic vinaigrette reinvented. Using honey from our farm and coupled with a clever balance of English mustard and native Australian lemon myrtle.

Serving suggestions; try something different and replace your traditional fish and chip accompaniment with this. Delicious drizzled over boiled spuds.

Peach Kasundi with Honey and Wattleseed

An Indian Style chutney that has depth and is mildly spicy.

Serving suggestions; cheese plate condiment, mix with Greek yoghurt for the ultimate tandoori flavoured chicken pieces, condiment to a curry.

Blackberry or Strawberry Vinegar

A spiced and sweetened vinegar that is powerful in flavour and body.

Serving suggestions; use as a salad dressing or compliment to roasted meats.

The blackberry is the perfect dipping sauce for calamari or baby octopus, or try it drizzled over your grilled haloumi.  Also great mixed in the pan juices for that rich gravy with the roast!